About Us

BALLIOĞLU İNŞAAT, In 1990, with a capital development plan and architectural projects in France, in its sole and abroad.

So far, France, and Çorlu livable and safe houses in various parts of Istanbul-producing BALLIOĞLU CONSTRUCTION growing cities come to the fore as a showcase for the aesthetic space. CONSTRUCTION BALLIOĞLU sensitivity and professional work environment in our country, as in Europe, we believe our vision by continuing kazandıracağımıza new projects …

Since 1990, as a company operating in the building and construction sector is an important BALLIOĞLU uploaded sense of mission

continues to serve its customers. BALLIOĞLU, next to the housing needs of these power, telephone, natural gas lines, landscaping practices, afforestation, children’s playgrounds, parks, arcade, religious, and medical facilities and sports fields site offered the benefit of the residents. Without disturbing the structure of the city’s historic and natural, tree cutting and water basins, preserving produce prestigious residences, modern, livable spaces that determine the main area of ​​activity to create BALLIOĞLU, environment and the integrated nature of the aesthetic and livable residential units will continue to produce.